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Empowering Business through Data

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Digital Transformation to elevate your business

At Coherence Technology, we specialize in delivering a diverse range of cutting-edge Digital Transformation meticulously tailored to elevate your business On the software front, we provide Smart Fintech and Smart BI solutions, integrating the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance your solution capabilities. Our commitment is to meet your needs with precision and excellence.

Smart Fintech Solutions

  • Loan Admin
  • Collection
  • MIS Reports
  • Legal Repossession
  • CRM
  • File Tracking
  • Factoring & Working Capital
  • PDC (Post-Dated Cheques)
  • Debt Collection
  • Financial Accounting
  • Treasury
  • LPO/ Fixed Assets
  • Budget
  • Bank Reconciliation System
  • 3rd Party API Integration
  • Schedule Jobs

Challenges we solve

Have a 360 degree
Make data driven
Business growth
with cost reduction
Save valuable

Our Offerings

At Smart Solutions LLC, we provide cutting-edge fintech ERP solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses. Our suite of offerings includes:

Financial Benefits

Implementing our Smart Fintech Solution offers significant financial advantages:

Reduce operational costs through automation, minimizing the need for extensive manual labo

Decrease the likelihood of errors, which can lead to costly mistakes and financial discrepancies.

Optimize your cash flow with efficient treasury applications and timely financial insights.

Leverage advanced analytics for accurate forecasting and budgeting, ensuring better financial planning.

Experience significant reductions through optimized workflows, task automation, and streamlined operations

Enjoy unparalleled support from our dedicated team, ensuring you get the most out of our solutions.

Data Analytics

Our BI Dashboards, augmented by our AI services, empower organizations by transforming data into actionable insights. In this data-driven era, our powerful tools offer real-time clarity, facilitating smarter decision-making and driving success.


Get real-time, data-driven insights for quick decision- making.


Generate reports rapidly, to respond to emerging trends and issues promptly.


Maintaining high standards of customer service through monitoring and analyzing data.


By optimizing operations, reducing wait times, and identifying cost-effective approaches.

Enhanced Resource

Visibility into resources to manage it efficiently.


Identify inefficiencies in administrative/ processes and Improve overall.

Why Us

Turn Analytics into action.
Accelerate Business Value.
Make better decisions faster.
Get immediate measurable business value.

Industries we serve


  • 40+ Unique custom application developed (IPD, OPD, Emergency etc…)
  • KPI (No of Visits (Ipd, Opd, Emergency, admissions), No of Appoinments booked and slot available, No of defaulters, Bed Occupancy %, Readmission Rate, LOS, Serivice days.
  • Predict Patient Outcomes identify patient at risk
  • Improve diagnosis and reduce wait time
  • NLP Informtion extraction, Text analysis
  • Forecasting the demand, Bed occupancy etc
  • 8+ Custom Applications Developed (Underwriting (Motor/ Non Motor), Claims (Motor/ Non Motor), Finance, Reinsurance, CEO)
  • KPI (Premium (Earned, Unearned) Claims Settled, Outstanding (as on/Movement), Claims Incurred, Loss Ratio,No of vehicles, Sum Insured, Pure BEP, Desired BEP, Claim Frequency, No of Claims, Avg Premium, Avg Claims, Avg Rate. BC, Claim Severity, In forced Policies.
  • Forecasting and Loss triangulation method for Reserve Adequacy.
  • Burning Cost & AI for dynamic premium pricing model suggestion for the Motor insurance
  • Reduced the turnaround time by 25% for claim processing.
  • Increased the Revenue by 7% by Customer Targeting, Recommendations and identifying the Cross Sell/Up sell opportunities.
  • 8+Unique application (Retail & Sales, Risk Underwriting, Collection (Legal & ROP), Treasury, CEO, Finance, Operations TAT, HR & Payroll)
  • KPI (Business, Exposure, Portfolio, NPA, OD, Collection, IRR, Risk profiles etc, PDC, Cheque return)
  • Risk / Collection Scorecard
  • Customer segementation (classifying customers with risk Good vs bad)
  • Identyfing the Defaulters
  • Collection channel allocation optimization
  • Business rule / Credit limit optimization
  • Dynamic interest rate calculation
  • Cross sell & Upsell reccomendation algorithm
  • 5+ Unique application in supply chain analysis (Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Finance, Retail)
  • KPI (EOQ, Revenue, COGS, Profit, Margin %, Price optimization, safety stock, reorder point, Lead time, Total relevant cost
  • Segmentation (Customer,Product, Supplier)
  • Demand forecasting (deterministc, indeterministic)
  • Consumer behviour pricing optimization
  • Market Basket analysis
  • Inventory policies
  • Markdowns and seasonal inventory
  • 6+ Unique application (Hr & Payroll, Project Management, Finance, Procurement Expenses, Sales)
  • KPI’s (Revenue, Net Sales,Material cost , Labor Cost, Ebidta, Earned Value , ECTC, ECAT, Forecast, Budgeted, Qty , No of Active employees, OT, regulirization
  • Project Profitabiliy analysis
  • Earned value Management
  • Claim Management
  • Project forecasting
  • TAT
  • Inventory analytics

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